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  1. Daily maintenance of reduction motor

    Release time:2022-05-04    Click:322

    The reduction motor has the advantages of large transmission ratio, wide range, high precision, small air return, large bearing capacity, high efficiency


    It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, stable transmission, low noise, and can transmit motion to the sealed space


    It is widely used in space technology, energy, electronic industry, petrochemical industry, military industry, robots and instruments


    Table, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, medical devices, food processing machines


    In machinery and other industries.


    In order to maintain the stable working performance of the reduction motor, we must do a good job in daily maintenance.


    Inspection and maintenance of reducer I. oil level inspection 1. Cut off the power supply of reducer motor to prevent electric shock!


    Wait for the reducer to cool down! 2. For reducers with oil level plug: unscrew the oil level plug


    , check the oil filling height, replenish lubricating oil if necessary, and screw in the oil level plug. 2、 Lubricating oil inspection 1. Cutting


    Disconnect the power supply of the reduction motor to prevent electric shock! Wait for the reducer to cool down! 2. Unscrew the oil level plug,


    Take out some sample oil. 3. Check the continuity of lubricating oil- Viscosity - if lubricating oil


    If it looks contaminated, it is recommended to replace the lubricating oil immediately. 4. For reducer with oil level plug